Mikrotik connects hard wired Baule casting machine to the wireless network.

Here’s another interesting use for a Mikrotik mAP router.

Our client KD Engineering Plastics, Shipley have recently upgraded their casting machines to enhance production capabilities. The new machine includes the ability to be remote controlled by the manufacturer. Given that Baule is based in France, remote support speeds up repair and keeps production running. Something very important in modern day manufacturing.

The problem is that the machines need quote a large space and there are no network cables near by. The machine itself can connect with a cable but not over wireless.

I have talked about the little Mikrotik mAP before. It uses the same RouterOS operating system as the big routers in the same range. That means you can program each and every port to do whatever you want, unlike any other sub £50 router you will find. In this application I bridged all the ports together and then used the Pseudo Bridge configuration to link the cable to the wireless connection. Too technical? It means that the wireless just looks like a cable to the casting machine.

Hey presto, Baule could instantly connect to the machines and Kaydee have the confidence that their machines will be fixed quickly if there is ever a problem.

From our perspective this was an hour of programming and a low cost device. It’s all in the creativity!