Andy Morrison

Managing Director & IT Guru

I’m MD of Andisa and have always been a techie. Officially I am MD of Andisa however I am also the lead “IT Guru”.

My title has been earned while helping install the Rural IT project we are involved in in Nepal. My belief is that IT providers have a responsibility to help other businesses grow by installing quality networks and then working with customers to make sure the network grows with them. If you ever contact any of our customers I am sure they would back that up about our service.

My training is as an Electronics Engineer and more recently I have worked through the MikroTik Certification – MTCNA. MTCWE and MTCRE.

I’ ve also passed and practiced  Prince II project management, too many  server accreditations to list and presented at the MikroTik User Meeting in Kathmandu!

During 2016-17 I was President of Harrogate Brigantes Rotary Club. Look at our Corporate Social Responsibility page for details of projects we get involved with.

I am proud to be surrounded by customers who have very similar beliefs and thank them for their continued partnership. If you want to be part of this ethos then get in touch!

Jayne Morrison

Company Secretary


Jayne is Company Secretary and co founder of Andisa. She is responsible for keeping the office running smoothly and also for getting the rest of the team on site on time (not always an easy task but she reckons that she’s qualified for the task because she is mother of three Andy clones!)

Q. What’s it like working with family?
. Annoying but we get the job done and the clients systems are always working reliably. Andy and Paolo have a real passion to make sure that we have a focus on keeping our clients systems 100%.

Q. What do you do out side of Andisa?
. I’m Tawny Owl for 11th Harrogate Brownies, Treasurer for 15th Harrogate Scouts and sing in the St Paul’s Church Choir. It keeps me busy but its great fun.

Q. Wow do you have time for personal hobbies?
I ice cakes to relax, although Andy would say it increases stress when I’m there at midnight the night before a big familly party, still putting the marzipan on.

Callum Morrison

IT Guru 2 :)

Callum is self motivated and eager to learn. Our customers say that he is just fun to have around but very quickly back this up by saying that he’s like a dog with a bone when they have a problem. He just wants to fix it and make sure the customer is happy.

Callum is based in Glasgow although you wouldn’t have realised because our phone system lets him connect as if he’s in the next office.

Even though he’s committed to helping the Andisa customers, Callum also is MD for “River and Soul Adventures”

River and Soul arranges specialist adventure holidays to Nepal. Callum’s maiden trip is in April 2018. Were proud to be supporting him and this shows in his commitment to Andisa.

Paolo Medori

IT Guru

Paolo Andisa

Paolo has worked for Andisa for 5 years and together with Andy and Callum makes up the technical workforce. Outside of work he loves snowboarding, playing video games and cooking. One day he’s hoping to be fit enough to enjoy playing football for real as well as Fifa 2017.

His family run a local Italian restaurant called Louigi’s. He has learnt his client skills and patience working as a chef and waiter before starting a career in IT.

Paolo joined Andisa after leaving the 3rd largest nationwide insurance broker where he provided desktop and server support.