Andisa IT is an expert and experienced computer network and systems provider for on premises IT or hosted systems.
All of our staff are passionate about solving your problems but what makes a real change is that problems stay away! This is because rather than putting a sticking plaster on something we will work with you to set up a reliable network, that’s suitable for your business.

We can do this because our experience comes from business owners who have both worked in IT or the electronics industry for over 30 years. In fact one of them worked on computers before PCs were at large! Collectively the staff have worked in the industry for a total of 85 years.

We are always honing skills and have an belief that training is important. Our staff attend annual training of some form to improve skills. We have Microsoft specialists, Network and Mikrotik Router specialists , SQL Server, dot Net application development skills, Virtualisation experience and 3CX phone system engineers.

It doesn’t matter if you employ 300 our if you are a sole trader, we will make sure that your IT helps you work rather than making you work.
If you are another IT provider we are happy to work alongside you to compliment skills.

Our services combine traditional IT services with our very own brand of hosted systems. This means that we can always give the best advice and service!

What makes Andisa IT different

Our systems are designed to “Make IT work for you, not make you work for the IT”
The systems we create are reliable, expandable and support your business rather that hampering growth or causing problems.
We are proud to say that Andisa is unique because we understand your needs and “Make IT work for you “!