Effective 25th February 2022


For the purposes of this contract hereafter ANDISA IT CONSULTANTS LTD shall be described as the “Supplier” and the entity placing an order shall be described as the “Customer”.
There can be no variance to these Terms and Conditions of Business (the Contract) whatsoever unless varied by written documentation and signed by an authorised signatory of the Supplier.
The placing of an order by a Customer shall be deemed acceptance of these Terms in their entirety. Any subsequent verbal orders will be bound by these Terms.


PACKING Every effort will be made by us to see that the goods are suitably packed.  If goods are supplied with sawn boards or cases they are non-returnable and will be charged at cost.


All price lists, quotations and discounts are, unless specifically stated to the contrary, subject to alteration at anytime without notice.  Orders are accepted on condition that goods are invoiced at prices ruling at date of despatch unless otherwise agreed by us in writing.
All prices quoted are exclusive of V.A.T. and are subject to the prevailing rate of V.A.T. at the date of invoice.
All prices quoted apply to a specific order only and are subject to change, without prior notification.


Material supplied in accordance with order must not be returned without written consent of the Supplier.  Applications can only be considered within 14 days of invoice and must state the date and number of invoice and reasons for suggested return.  Duly authorised returns must be sent carriage paid and the Supplier advised.


Damage or loss in transit to be notified to the carrier, and ourselves within 2 days from the date of receipt and damaged goods and containers retained for inspection otherwise no claim for damage or loss during transit will be allowed.


Claims for shortages and deductions for erroneous charges must be presented within 10 days from receipt of goods, otherwise such claims cannot be allowed.


After due acknowledgment has been made of a customer’s order, cancellation, either wholly or in part, will not be permitted unless mutually agreed.


Customers shall indemnify us against any claims, damages, costs and expenses for which we may become liable through executing any order or contract in accordance with the customer’s specifications, which involves infringement of a Patent.


We ask for card payment at the end of each visit to site and the Supplier reserves the right to charge travel expenses for all journeys beyond 15 miles from our office.
It is possible to request a credit account and if a credit account is in place then the account is payable within  the credit terms agreed with the Supplier: normally 7 or 30 days from invoice date unless otherwise stated and agreed prior to contract commencement.

The Supplier reserves the right the right to charge interest on overdue accounts at a rate of 4% over HSBC Bank base.

When invoicing we will add delivery charges at cost, depending on the courier used.

In the event of the Supplier having any indication of the Customer being unable to settle its accounts as and when they fall due, notwithstanding any other remedies, all amounts due to the Supplier shall be become payable in full immediately. In addition the Supplier reserves the right to uplift goods supplied and cease cloud services to mitigate amounts due to it and shall assess such goods and credit such values, as it deems reasonable.


Andisa charge per half hour with a minimum 1 hour charge for all consultancy and repair work.
You must agree in writing to the appointment and terms in advance of the visit time  in order that we are able to attend.


Legal title to and the beneficial interest in the goods shall not pass to the Customer until the price due under the contract (and any other contract made prior to the date of the contract between the Customer and the Seller) has been paid, provided nevertheless that the Customer shall bear the risk of any loss of, or damage to, or deterioration of the goods from whatever cause arising after the date of delivery.

Risk and therefore responsibility for insurance of all items supplied shall pass to the Customer upon delivery within the United Kingdom

If goods the property of the Supplier are admixed with goods the property of the Customer or are processed with or incorporated therein, the product thereof shall become and/or shall be deemed to be the sole and exclusive property of the Supplier .  If goods the property of the Supplier are admixed with goods the property of any person other than the Customer or are processed with or incorporated therein, the product thereof shall become or shall be deemed to be owned by the Seller in common with that other person.


The liability of the Supplier is confined to the replacement at their works of any hardware, software or other equipment manufactured and/or supplied by them, which have proved defective as regards material or workmanship.

The Supplier has no liability to the Customer for consequential loss whatsoever due to short, late or incomplete deliveries or damaged goods.

The Supplier shall not be held responsible to the Customer and therefore has no liability to the Customer whatsoever for any non-performance whatsoever in whole or part of its obligations as conferred under the Terms of this contract for any reason or cause beyond its control. Such reasons shall include (but not inclusively) strikes, lockouts, disruption of power, transport, materials or fuel supplies, acts of war and civil disturbance.


8.1 Should the Customer decide at any time after placing an order, to cancel or change their instructions, the Supplier shall, at his discretion, be entitled to invoice as if the order had been fulfilled in its entirety, such entitlement shall be in addition to other rights conferred upon the Supplier as contained in these Terms.


This agreement is governed by the Laws of England and Wales