Andy is a member of Harrogate Brigantes Rotary Club and Emma is a member of Richmond Rotary club. We have a policy to support as many of our Rotary clubs technical projects as possible. In this way we use our skills and experience for the “greater good”.

Projects we are involved with.

“Changing Children’s Lives”

Our largest commitment is to the IT and Literacy project called “Changing Children’s Lives” based in the Nepalese valley of Panchamol, SW of Pokhara. Here we have been instrumental in designing, installing and supporting a 400km2 wireless network that connects rural schools to the internet so that students can maximise their future potential. See for full details.

Technology Tournament Nepal.

Last year Jayne and Andy Morrison ran the very first technology tournament in Nepal. This is based on the Harrogate Brigantes project where groups of school children from several schools compete for one day. They are given an engineering challenge and have to build a working model of their creation.
The objective is to inspire creative thinking, collaboration and hopefully to show the students what is possible in an engineering career.
The first tournament in Nepal was held in Panchamol High School and involved 20 teams from a dozen schools. The challenge was to build a lifting bridge from basic materials including cellotape, bluetak, paper and drinking straws.

In 2018 we are running two more tournaments. However we are first going to run a workshop for the Himalayan Gurkha Rotary club in Kathmandu to design the task. They will then assist us with the first tournament in March 2018.

We return in May 2018 to assist the Himalayan Gurkha Rotary club in running the 3rd tournament in a new location – Eladi.

Our objective is for the Himalayan Gurkha Rotary club to be able to run future tournaments all over Nepal giving inspiration to thousands of students!

Kids Aloud 2019

Andy is project lead for this event. We are going to bring 40 students from Nepal to take part in our most ambitious concert so far – “Monkey Boy” This is based on a Nepalese folk tale.

In all 350 children will be on stage simultaneously inside Royal Hall Harrogate.

Calendar Boy 2018

We have also supported Callum when he starred in his own Naked New Zealand charity calendar. He aims to raise £3000 for charity and a number of our customers have bought one to push him on the way!


People often ask if we get anything out of our community work.

We feel the work truly affects people lives for the better and there is no measurement that can be applied to the value of  this. However the projects are also a training ground full of new challenges around every corner.

If you can coordinate a project across two continents and time zones then your experience and expertise will grow. Hence its a training opportunity that affects how we treat our customers, how we measure our own impact on the environment, and ultimately improves technical ability and customer service.

Our knowledge is then used in the less challenging environment of your own local business networks.

Our belief is that by giving back to communities we are making a positive impact that affects our customers and staff in a great way. We are really proud of the CSR work that we do.