Cloud Services

Access your data, your computer, or your phone anywhere in the world

What are Cloud services?

Cloud Services might seem confusing and hard to think about but it is a very simple concept – access your data, your computer, or your phone anywhere in the world at any time (so long as there is internet connection!). This saves you time, money, and risk.

If you purchase your own on site servers you will need someone who will arrange backups each day. They consume power 24 hours a day and need constant planning to make sure that they are performing optimally.

By using Cloud Services from Andisa you start to save costs. You no longer have to purchase servers or software. You simply pay for the number of users on your system. This means that you can grow your user base without having to worry about capacity planning.

We include antivirus and antispam software as standard, so you can rest assured that you have maximum protection.

Our own team of experts are based in Harrogate. Our servers are hosted in a Leeds hosting centre with secure Tier 2 access.

Why Use Andisa’s Cloud Services

Our support team are friendly and accessible when you have a problem. They are equally happy to come to site if you need help during installation.

Andisa have been hosting servers for 10 years. The addition of Microsoft Exchange and MS office cloud systems means that we can offer a solution that is flexible and tailored to suit your business. We can mix and match so that you pay for just email for travelling people, yet still have seamless access to critical applications back in the office.

How we can help?

Web & Email Hosting
Our website hosting with email
Microsoft 365
Always upto date software
VoIP Cloud Calling
VOIP Cloud Calling 3CX VoIP partner
Cloud Backups
Data is critical backup safely to the cloud
Microsoft 365 Migration
Email synchronised between devices and people
Cloud Servers
reliable and secure cloud server hosting