Fast reliable communications that keep your business running.

Why do you need fast reliable comms?

Even 5 years ago, instant communication was a luxury. It didn’t matter if you replied to an order 2 hours after it was placed.

Nowadays customers expect a fast response, often measured in seconds rather than minutes.

You may have on premises infrastructure and your servers are still accessible when your broadband goes off, however in this situation your customers are not accessible. More importantly you are not accessible from your customers!

We install leased lines, broadband lines and wireless links to give you the best connectivity. We also layer our own monitoring system over the top, so our own engineers are alerted quickly if there is a problem.

The outcome is that you get a reliable and managed service that will ensure you are contactable from your customers at all times.

How we can help?

Interbuilding Wireless
linking wireless networks together
Connect your business with reliable bradband
Leased Lines
High Speed connectivity for businesses