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Why do you need IT Support?

Everyone realises that networks and IT systems need regular fixes to operate well, but why work with an support organisation such as Andisa and why have a support contract?
The answer is simple to understand. When a contract is in place then:

  1. You will always have access to a group of technological specialists who will have the latest up to date IT skills to support your business.
  2. We will monitor and perform regular system health checks will make sure all systems are in good shape.
  3. There is a guaranteed response time if you have a problem.
  4. You can save money as there’s no need to pay for IT staff and their IT training. If you have a large network and feel you need your own IT staff then we are happy to help cover holidays without the need for large departments.
  5. We will help ensure you are licensed properly and help with compliance issues.
  6. Your backups will be checked daily (**This is a benefit of our Storegird backup service).
  7. Regular IT and account reviews.
  8. You will know that you are dealing with an IT provider who has the partnership and support from major providers such as Microsoft, Insight, Vembu and CCS

If you want more information click on our toolbox links below or look at our recent blog post about internal IT departments

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Working closely to enable internal IT teams!

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