IT Support Contracts

IT Support Contracts

Andisa IT Consultants are expert support specialists!

We practise a well proven model for network configuration and as you onboard you will realise that life can be better, with reduced support calls, more proactive maintenance and less worries. The method has been hones over the 20 years that we have been in existence.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you want a reliable network that is easy to maintain?
  • Would you like to see your IT techies less frequently?
  • Do you feel that people spend too long fixing IT issues rather than performing productive work?

Our proven solution is simple, we focus on the core of the network and make it reliable. During onboarding we will run our equipment audit to find all equipment, set it up so we can support remotely, and to generate an accurate asset list.

Once the core of the network is understood then we can configure it to avoid all of those regular niggles. The issues with PCs that can’t print. Wi-Fi hard to connect to etc are normally caused by a poorly configured network rather than  the desktop PCs. We will eradicate those issues.

Then once we are happy that your network is working properly we will focus on rapid support to the remaining issues.

We also set up our PRTG monitoring system to regularly check your system. It spots storage growth, pings servers to make sure they are turned on and also checks critical items such as power supplies, disks and temperatures.

Our team regularly review all faults logged and look for trends. This information is used to help plan upgrades, avoid bottlenecks and ensure that your system works for you.

Our method uses facts / stats to prevent problems, its improves reliability and simplifies your system so tat you can focus on your day job.

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What’s Included?

On site labour Unlimited onsite support time.
Discounted labour rate for project work.
Remote support Included
Calls from contract customers are routed to an engineer rather than reception whenever possible.
PC response time max. 4 Hours
Server response time max. 2 Hours
Telephone support Included
Critical failure priority Yes
This means that although we say we will respond inside 2 hours to a server issue, if its a critical problem we will respond far more quickly. This is agreed during the first call.
One point of call for all hardware issues Yes
System monitoring Email system alerts for backups, system bottlenecks and failures.

PRTG network monitoring added to broadband line, server and router to check critical services automatically.

Shared Loan Server Yes (1 month)
On site maintenance Annual visits to check over and update the system with available operating system patches.
Router and firewall patching included.
(Patches are charged at cost but are normally provided free by Microsoft).
Technical / strategic advice You can ring for advice or help with other suppliers. Many of our clients will call us into the board room once a year to meet with other suppliers and discuss future plans and IT strategies.
Virtual IT manager service Scheduled regular IT review on site with your IT manager / board.
This helps with IT strategy, review of performance etc.
Term Initially 1 year with 1 month rolling after that time.


You will note that we charge for parts with these contracts. We reduce our own charges by asking you to pay for the cost of parts if they do go wrong. We provide the labour and expertise to resolve the fault within the contract. We feel this is fairer to the client. We also extend our contracts to cover help on anything server related, IE Antivirus software, Networking equipment and software related issues. The only limit is the time built into the contracts.

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What Our Customers Say

  • I asked Andisa for a new Mac because mine was too slow. When they checked the spec they advised that the only difference compared to a new machine was an SSD hard disk thingy.
    Instead of spending £2500 I spent £650 and the machine is like new.
    I wish more companies were as honest.

    Claire Wearmouth
  • Andisa recently supplied a new laptop. The life changing thing was their advice to use the TV as a screen. Now when Zooming my family I can see everyone and they are large!
    I wish I had heard this advice before - what understanding team. Their advice sorted my frustrations so easily! Andisa really understand what we need!

    Pat Kerr
  • We have dealt with Andisa for over 10 years, initially asking them to provide IT Support to our clients, they have since installed and provide full management of our IT infrastructure including a 1G/b Wi-Fi network throughout the building and install and management of the VoIP telephone system.
    Their service is always friendly and professional and the work is carried out to a very high standard.

  • We are glad to have helped one of our client's employees get a recent promotion - this shows the level of partnership between Andisa and our clients!
    I am very sure the "promo " is as a result of Josephs hard work rather than our help but its brilliant to get the praise.
    Here is a copy paste from a recent LinkedIn message!

    Andrew Morrison 10:34 AM
    Congrats on the new role!

    Joseph Priestley 10:42 AM
    Cheers Andy! Only possible thanks to you guys and this awesome new Macbook!

    Joe Priestley - Head of Marketing
  • Andy
    Just a quick thank you to all your team who helped with 2019 IT projects.

    Phone system you recommended is a first class product and really fits our needs.

    All the network stuff is also working well. We have better diagnostics as well as improved cyber security. Also the built in camera support has proved an unexpected benefit.

    Julian Smith