Onsite Infrastructure

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What is β€œOn Site Infrastructure” ?

This term really means the traditional way of having servers and PCs on your own premises rather than in a hosting centre or cloud.

Normally it will also mean up front purchase rather than rental, so you own all of the equipment and are responsible for the costs when it needs upgrading.

Many SMEs operate in this way because they know where the data is stored, feel that its more secure and they are in control of costs.

See our page about Cloud services for a comparison.

Why use Andisa to manage and support on site Infrastructure

Andisa have looked after on premises systems for 15 years and have a wealth of knowledge that will avoid problems and make systems more reliable. Because we also have our own Cloud environment that needs to be kept running with guaranteed amounts of up time, we have developed monitoring systems, procedures and standard configurations that really do make the network perform better.

We apply these techniques to both our Cloud services and to our on premises systems to make sure you get the best system no matter what your choice of location.

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