Is your provider giving awesome customer service?

How do you know if your IT provider is doing their job.

Here are 5 leading indicators that will help you understand if you are getting good service or if there are pains that need addressing.

Do you:

  1. Have confidence that backups are operating each day?
    and perhaps get annual invites to take part in a recovery test.
    How do you know that they are working? Is there a report, or do you simply know that you swap the media each day?
  2. Know that windows updates on the servers and PC’s regularly?
    Are they planned and you are contacted to arrange them or do you just assume it is happening.
  3. Witness a high staff turnover at the IT provider?
    The IT team need to be proud of their work if they will do awesome work and keep you running without issue.
  4. Is there a “run book” that shows all the important configuration changes that make your own company tick smoothly.
    Without good support documentation you will always get unpredictable outcomes and daily frustration.
  5. Have engineers who visit without hesitation when you have a problem?
    If they hesitate before coming to site, are you paying enough, or are they not giving good service?