IT Consultancy

We know how critical IT is to keeping your business running smoothly, find out how we can help take the stress out of IT.

We provide a full range of IT consultancy services.

What is IT consultancy?

To us, IT consultancy is finding a way to solve a problem without necessarily having a long term contract. We get excited by giving a leg up to a customer by solving a problem, or simplifying a process.

Changes are often technical, however were understand that IT management is all about process management, which really means it’s all about the people who perform those processes.

This means that spotting a problem is often all about talking to the users to identify the real issue before looking at technical changes.

Businesses need our IT consultancy for various reasons. We regularly help businesses of various sizes and both with their own IT team or without. We even work with the competition to collaborate with more advanced issues.
Our skills mean that we provide help with Server, desktop, network, telephone, software or web site issues.

As an example Andisa have Mikrotik qualified network engineers. We often work alongside other IT companies, assisting their own engineers with the more complex side of router configuration. They don’t have the daily need for the skill and so don’t want to employ their own specialist. Instead they can rely on us for a professional service that doesn’t compete with their own engineers.

In turn our experience is constantly growing and so we bring wider skills than internal engineer can. It’s a winning solution.

End users often become frustrated with their network or systems. Staff may be aware of the issues but don’t speak up. Often to find the problem you simply need an external view.

For instance,
Do you think that your staff don’t use voice mail properly?
When reception transfers a call to the wrong person is the call simply bounced, or does the employee truly act as a member of customer services by transferring the call to the right person in a way that makes your caller feel like a customer?

The first example probably means that staff don’t know how to transfer calls properly. The second probably means you have invested in training and also if equipment that is easy to use. One is limiting business and one is winning business.

We would help by auditing your system and interviewing staff to find the real issues. Combining a technical review with a user review will expose problems and allow us to make rapid changes that fix problems.

During our latest audit we lead a board level meeting to discuss findings a prioritise the changes. At the end of the meeting, our customers MD said “It’s been worth every minute of the review, just by having Andisa lead the process or staff have got involved and thought for themselves!”

No matter what the problem is and no matter if you are an end user or another IT provider we can help spot the issues and then help implement changes. If you have your own internal team we are happy to work with them to drive the benefits through to success!

We are really proud of our ability to speak in your own language explaining technical details so that you understand them.

How we can help?

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