Managed Networks

The key to performance.

“Anybody can plug a network together”

Strictly this is true and many self-built networks operate well. However phone systems , backups, email, PCs and printers are all trying to share the same cables nowadays and there needs to be a way to detect and manage the traffic so that emails arrive microseconds later however voice calls don’t sound like a Dalek.

When Andisa set up a managed network for a client we start by asking who should have access and what sort of information is being shared.

Once we understand what is required we can start to build a network that is secure, reliable and fast.


Security needs to start at the perimeter, and not at the centre of the network. By working out which department should have access to what data or what network we can configure the network ports to manage access properly.

The end result is a network that will allow access to the all-important files on the server but perhaps prevent access between PCs. Why? Well PCs are where people put personal files, music and pictures. They clock the network up and slow things down. A managed network is built to reduce the amount of traffic from these things but allow the traffic that is needed to flow quickly.


Most network problems come from loose or broken cables. Often a user finds a loose cable and plugs it into the nearest port, inadvertently causing a network loop. By disabling unused ports, labelling everything and then managing the network so that you don’t have to do anything but call when you want PCs adding, the network becomes reliable.
Labelling the port means that it’s easy to support in the future and we can see alerts from the network with meaning full titles.


By avoiding unwanted traffic, and by sharing the internet connection properly we can make sure that the network works as fast as possible.

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What Our Customers Say

  • When Andisa visited for a review this week I told them I was surprised our VPN worked so well even on broadband.
    Andy explained that they had installed a MikroTik router recently and that it was this that made such a difference.

    I hadn't realised how such a simple item would make things work so well!

    Ian Craig
  • Andisa ran their Insight program for us this year and helped us review our IT strategy.
    4 months later its clear that the vocabulary in our organisation has changed! People now talk about IT in a different way and our IT problems have disappeared because Andisa have helped us understand the technology properly.

    Many thanks

    Helen Featherstone
  • Our last IT provider just didn't offer the services that you can do! You are doing far more than just break fix!

  • Great news, really appreciate your time and effort getting this resolved. Another silver star for Andisa!

    Kind Regards

    Mark Davies
  • When Andisa suggested installing their Unifi WIfi and Mikrotik managed router solution just because I couldn't watch Netflix, I thought they had over egged it.
    However they came along and did a survey. We needed extra wires to get the signal to the rear of our house. Even then, in one day they connected everything and the solution works just as they said!

    Life is better now that we can all watch TV at the same time. I don't have to stop Rugby because my daughter wants to chat to her friends!

    Steve Cullerton