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Network design, Configuration support and On Site training

Calling all business owners, IT service providers and smart home owners….

If you are looking for the best way to get the most out of the network you own or support without increasing infrastructure costs then Mikrotik networks designed and installed by Andisa are the perfect answer.

Established in 2003, Andisa have been working to help businesses grow by configuring reliable networks and reduce network management costs.

Why do people use Andisa?

Andisa specialise in providing real world support and design of networks using MikroTik devices as the key building blocks. We have years of real world experience gained supporting networks of all kinds.

For example we…

  • manage a 400sqKm wireless network in Nepal, linking schools to the internet. This operates similar to a UK community internet scheme.
  • have our own hosted server and multi tenant Exchange server system utilising VLANS connected using MikroTik Routers.
  • support a number of other IT providers across the UK who want experienced and specialist engineers to backup their own field engineers.
  • support and manage a shared internet scheme at a horse riding centre. Internet can be accessed reliably across a site 1 mile wide.
  • provide internet sharing and QoS for student accommodation in Sheffield.
  • run a multipath wireless link between two factories in Leeds. This company expanded and needed extra space but wanted their network to connect both sites seamlessly. Our solution has multipath to keep speed at a maximum and also provide resilience.

This means we can help with VLAN, Queue trees and bandwidth sharing, QoS, Policy routing, DHCP configuration and Wireless links.

Our consultants are all current MikroTik certified including MTCNA, MTCRE, MTCWE paths. The consultants work on site anywhere in the EU or can work remotely over TeamViewer.

What difference do we make?

All networks are different but for most, when Andisa configures a network and adds Mikrotik routers users get a better experience, systems work better and users are happier. More importantly when future problems occur we can easily detect and diagnose the problem, fixing bottleknecks quickly and without having to visit.

Easy support and good performance.

What makes us different?

Andisa cuts its teeth managing a wireless internet service in Nepal. This network supplies internet access to thousands of students who rely on the service for their education. Its a CSR project (see our  Corporate Social Responsibility page). Our approach is that this has to be reliable and well designed so Andisa can manage and support the it from the UK.

If we can run a reliable network in a 3rd world country then we can help configure and manage an EU based network with all the benefits of 24*7 power, no lightening bolts and easy access.

See Andy presenting about the project at MikroTik User Meeting 2017 – Kathmandu

click to see our MikroTik MUM Kathmandu Presentation by Andy Morrison

MikroTik User Meeting 2018 – Birmingham

Following the Kathmandu MuM, Andisa were asked to present at the UK MuM in Birmingham 2018

Andy explained how to create secure and manageable networks using MikroTik routers. IT departments and suppliers need to optimise their engineers, keeping them out on the road to earn money. Yet when a customer calls in with a problem they need to be able to react quickly.
With good planning and MikroTik routers its possible to set up centrally managed access that is secure yet flexible enough that IT departments can fix and manage routers remotely.


See the PDF of the presentation here

What can we do for you?


We have our own library of training courses designed to help engineers just starting with Mikrotiks or the more advanced who want to learn about VLAN and advanced routing. The courses typically take 1/2 a day to a day to complete and can also be customised if you have specific needs. They are designed to get you working as a network engineer rather than to pass certification. There are great certification courses available through the MikroTik official site and we would recommend you follow the certification process if you want to advance a career or increase sales.


As part of our normal routines we diagnose, manage and support many MikroTik networks. Our engineers are happy to help support your routers, switches and wireless system. This can be done remotely using Teamviewer to connect via your own PC or if its a regular agreement we may set up a direct link for Andisa into your own router.

If your configuration is complex then we may offer to download it onto our own test bed of routers so we can test a new configuration without risk to your own network.


Many of our customers want a network design service and also on site configuration. We’re happy to provide this service and already have customers across the length of the UK.

We can help with a complete design including site survey, remote consultancy to oversee your own design or collaborate directly with clients on your behalf.

Vulnerability Testing

We have a team of specialists who can probe your routers and network to detect faulty configuration and security loopholes. We provide a report identifying the service that is exposed, the version of software visible if any and also recommend changes to your firewall to improve security.

This service is one recommended by the new GDPR rules and also by Cyber Essentials.

PreConfiguration Service

Don’t forget that we also sell all products in the MikroTik range so we can also pre configure and test a configuration using our test bed system. Then we can pre program and send you a tested router or wireless ready for you to connect. We will then help you over the phone to connect and test.

Speak to one of our Network specialists


What Our Customers Say

  • Andisa have just completed a design and build project to give us a new network capable of expanding to man racks so that we can expand our streaming monitoring business.

    All I can say about the router they sent us is: it was the smoothest transition I've ever had!

    I have been involved in many upgrades over the years but this build and swap out was faultless. Andisa visited for twice. Once to audit / research and once to install the new kit. They agreed the outcomes at the start of the project, reviewed each day and ultimately delivered exactly what they promised. And as I said, it was the smoothest transition I have ever had!

    Ryan Fife
  • Hi, I just wanted to say a big thankyou to the Andisa team.
    From the moment we told you we were moving office Andisa just helped. Every question got right to the issue and it all meant that the move itself was smooth.

    Once we were moved, Paolo and Tim went round every desk and checked with our team to make sure they were fully operational. Phones, PC's Wifi, Laptops and printers were all 100%. Even the photocopier and franking machine was back on line.

    We cant thank you guys enough.

    Pippa Fisher
  • I asked Andisa for a new Mac because mine was too slow. When they checked the spec they advised that the only difference compared to a new machine was an SSD hard disk thingy.
    Instead of spending £2500 I spent £650 and the machine is like new.
    I wish more companies were as honest.

    Claire Wearmouth
  • Andisa recently supplied a new laptop. The life changing thing was their advice to use the TV as a screen. Now when Zooming my family I can see everyone and they are large!
    I wish I had heard this advice before - what understanding team. Their advice sorted my frustrations so easily! Andisa really understand what we need!

    Pat Kerr
  • We have dealt with Andisa for over 10 years, initially asking them to provide IT Support to our clients, they have since installed and provide full management of our IT infrastructure including a 1G/b Wi-Fi network throughout the building and install and management of the VoIP telephone system.
    Their service is always friendly and professional and the work is carried out to a very high standard.