Returning to the office? Watch out for social media updates killing broadband!!



Most of us have been working away from the office with great success. Now that we are returning have you had really slow internet?

We have seen a series of clients go back to the office and suddenly the internet froze. The culprit has been social media. Teams, Skype, Instagram, Facebook and Zoom have all been brilliant tools and we have come to rely on them to keep in touch with our clients and colleagues and now staff are going back to their desks they still want it. The obvious thing is to install the desktop version.

However the PCs have been off for a while and need to download the messages that have been sent over the last few months – broadband mayhem!

In our examples the solution was to quickly enable queues on their Mikrotik routers, ensuring that everyone could have a fair share of the bandwidth and VoIP, Social media and normal browser access could continue to work reliably.

Make sure your team are aware, or better still call for help if you want to prevent the issue.

If you want help, call our office 01423 290029. We can solve most internet speed issues rapidly.