Re Certification Part 2 – from Andy

100% pass on my second exam! Hurray.

What did I learn?
Always use an SBC if you have remote phones. The SBC is a little black box on premise that lets the admin set up phones even if they are at home or in a remote office. Its just a must. Without it, there is loads of extra config.

Office hours, Holidays and break times now set the status on the system. For example if you program break times, you will automatically show as AWAY. In that state you can even choose to have calls diverted to your mobile but get a voice prompt offering to answer or voicemail so you don’t get too interrupted.

How to set up Hotdesking.
We already use this at Andisa because we have a person who want prefers deskphones but also travels between two offices. Now he simply enters his credentials in a phone when he arrives. His extension jumps to that phone for the day.

Well done 3CX for the training material
Compliments to 3CX who have laid out their current training really well. Previously answers were ambiguous but now training is relevant, really well laid out;, building on the previous modules and all the answers are either in the training sessions or in the manual.