dotNet Custom Controls that can transform our time and save days a year

We have always had a problem in our CRM system exporting data. In fact being techies we end up delving into the database to run SQL, generating similar data to the Gui and exporting.

Our tech has just sat down and created a short bit of code that will revolutionize the situation. Call it with the name of a DataGrid on screen and a name for the file and it automatically exports to an “xlxs” file containing all the data displayed in the datagrid. In fact, it is smart enough to ignore hidden columns.

It is written in Winforms, although the code would translate across to web based forms easily – that means we can still migrate to web based CRM soon.


The fascinating thing is that the tech spent about half a day writing and testing the code. It now takes about 5 minutes per menu to add the button and yet it will save days and days a year of time exporting data for the team! Well done to all the team!!!