COVID-19 support

When the UK entered the lockdown period Andisa had already switched to working from Home. We decided to do this to:

  • test the practice of working separately. We needed to know we would be giving awesome advice that we had already put into practice ourselves.
  • ensure that our supportdesk had a continuity plan that meant we could still provide support if one of us got infected.
  • focus on our contract clients first, to ensure they got the most from their phone systems, email systems  laptops.

The first couple of weeks were busy and we have helped approximately 200 people start working from home! In addition we have installed numerous 4G broadband dishes on houses so that remote homes had the bandwidth to keep business running.

Thank you to all of our customers and suppliers who have helped in the effort. From Voip phone providers who managed to drop prices due to increased demand, delivery drivers who redirected deliveries, customers who paid earlier than usual because they knew that it gave confidence, and to all the many users who have had to learn new skills, innovate and simply be persistent and patient. Our team thanks you all for helping!

Now the immediate rush is over its time to help the community. We have been teaching people how to use Zoom for communication. Its amazing just how much people have missed face to face contact and we have assisted local community groups and friends to make sure they could use Zoom to contact friends and family.

We have recently donated extra clothing for the NHS

and now we have donated enough face masks to the local Rotary club so that it can protect it’s members. The club had already provided PPE to local care homes to help prop up the tremendous effort from the Army and Government, However living up to their moto of  “Service above Self” they hadn’t protected their own members. Now they will all have sufficient face masks to protect their members and partners.


We are humbled by all the community effort and its great just to do a small part!