Lockdown Learning

We are in uncharted times for most businesses and we are all having to learn quickly to ensure that we succeed! The clients that are doing well seem to have great teams.

Here are the 5 main observations that have come to light when we have been helping clients recently:

  1. Social Rhetoric.
    A significant number of employees rely on the social rhetoric in the workplace and its been vital to replace it with some form of chatter.
    We have seen several tools being used, from simple Facebook accounts, Video conferencing and Teams. However one of our most successful clients recently  gave each of their team leaders the job of calling a virtual coffee break. They use social media to invite their team (who are all working from home) to come for a coffee. They are encouraged to break off, natter and gossip over a coffee. They use WhatsApp for the quick messaging and have set up an account per team. That way it’s off line, outside of the official banter and directly replaces the social rhetoric that was found face to face.
  2. Regular meetings.
    Daily meetings may seem too often but in truth the meeting is needed for various reasons.
    A. Sharing the mission plan and keeping everyone on track.
    B. Giving team members access to decision makers on a regular and consistent way. (often the decision makers are too busy and don’t give the time that is needed when everyone is working remotely)
    C. measuring progress and keeping everyone motivated.
  3. Out of band communication.
    Modern phone systems are great at working remotely and even if your phone system isn’t capable, mobile phones work so well. However when a team members needs to get help during a call, some form or out of band connection is needed. Normally they would just tap on a team members shoulder but they cant do that when working from home. This is where something like Teams comes into play. You can quickly chat to a colleague on Teams by typing or conferencing. Get the answer and pass on to your client while in a call.
  4.  Capture new ways of working and share.
    This might seem so obvious but the teams that we witness working most smoothly are the ones who have found some way of regularly sharing best practice, and have listened to even the most junior in the team. They have quickly realised that their processes have evolved and then made sure everyone in the team knows how to use a new idea.
  5. Involve the families.
    Another successful client has started sending out 2 packs of art ideas a week to each employ. It includes activities to do with the family, has a bingo game for eth staff to play. Instead of numbers its got situations to spot (Tick when you hear a complement from a client, or just tick the first time you see a blue car ….) Its a way to add fun and help keep the morale high!

By all means adapt these ideas , just let us know so we can share with others if you improve them.