Kickstarting Harrogate – Calling service firms to help

Our family has just been on its Sunday constitutional. Each weekend we walk down from Harlow Carr down Coldbath Road and into town to see the changes.

For weeks it’s been closed shops and  a growing collection of “To Let” signs! So imagine our joy this week seeing the shops getting ready to open. Many have set a date of next week.

All to often we have heard that the separation rules will be too difficult for SMEs and they wont be able to get ready.

Harrogate and District seems to have an optimism and the local businesses rising above all the negativity – Well done.

This post is aimed directly at the service companies that are needed to enable all the other businesses. We too have been suffering but it’s time to step up.

So my suggestion is simple, let’s not miss our time! Lets not be greedy. We need to give all the support and service that the other businesses need to thrive. In return we will thrive ourselves. This is our time!