Kate Grassie

Kate  joined us nearly a year ago and made an immediate difference to us. Kate’s background is credit control and her role is to run invoicing, credit control and office admin for us, however  she is also a “customer service champion”. She has introduced an approach to keep invoicing and customer expectations easy to manage. Kate is starting right at the beginning by making sure the consultants specify the deliverables in a easy to understand, measurable way .
It means we all understand when invoices and admin is expected and that the client expects the paperwork at the end of the job. – no surprises and a smooth life.
In fact things are so smooth that Kate only needs to work 10 till 2 each day. A lady after my own heart.

Kate is married an has two children – one born through the lockdown. Its obvious that she values the time she had with them through the time. Now she is running Marathons to keep fit. – our very own “super hero”.