Mobile mail access

UPDATE 3 – 10 June 2019

This issue was resolved completely by 5th June. Prior to that most clients had a work around that provided mobilemail access.

The issue has now been archived.

UPDATE 2 – 29 May 2019

The fix has been tested and installed on the live servers.

to make an iPhone work you will have to change your account settings slightly:

UPDATE 1  – 28 May 2019

We have now been given a solution for the Apple connectivity issue but this needs to be tested before a general roll out.

We intend to test the fix this evening between 7pm and 8pm.

Assuming the test is successful, we will then apply a permanent fix tomorrow, Wednesday for all customers affected.


Mail will be delivered normally to the server during the test period , however your devices may pop up warnings when viewing.

We suggest that during the test period, you simply avoid reading / sending emails.


After the test we will email out a update to confirm what time Wednesday we will apply a permanent solution..



We are aware of a problem where mobile access is not working to our hosted exchange servers. The issue is caused by a 3rd party supplier and we are awaiting a permanent fix.

The problem first started Wednesday 22nd May.

This does not affect sending or receiving mail, but it may prevent your copy of Outlook or other email client from viewing emails. IE all mail will be received as normal.

We have a work around for laptops and PCs, and have already applied the solution to our customers with support contracts.

If you are a mobile worker then please call us to arrange a time for us to log onto your PC and apply the fix.

Android phones allow us to add a work around but Apple devices DONT. If you have an Android phone then we may be able to help. Please call our support desk.

On an Android phone with outlook, Start Outlook and do the following:

Make sure you are on WiFi and in your office preferably.

On an Android phone with Samsung Mail you can do the same.

We expect the issue to be fixed permanently this week.