The first Nepal internet enabled homestay village

Andisa have been working in Nepal along side The Rotary club of Harrogate Brigantes for the last 10 years to deliver IT and internet capability to rural areas.

The project is important because IT in schools enhances literacy. This leads to improved affluence and the start of an end to poverty.

Today was the start of the end of the journey! We joined the villagers of Sirubari on Skype for the second time!

The first time was 7 years ago when Andy visited Nepal and installed a wireless internet feed for the valley. This link jumped across the foothills of the Annapurna range to join the valley schools with a feed in Pokhara. We always had to support the link because the local knowledge was too low. However the challenges were overcome although callouts proved difficult.

Today a Nepalese internet company connected fibres reaching the valley and we have a sustained link with local support. This was only possible because we proved to the provider that there was sufficient demand from customers! They have improved skills over the last few years and the technology is in the cities. This is the first we have heard of in such a rural area.

The last three years have been largely driven by Andisa and Andy in particular.

Seeing him take part in the session this morning was really emotional. He’s just so proud of the success of his friends in Nepal!



For our directors this is a family project

The new  internet café is located in the community centre in Sirubari village hall.

Even in Nepal they use TP Link home routers!