Smart Homes

Making your home Smart is our speciality.

What is a smart home?

A Smart home is a home that contains internet connected devices.

smart homes harrogateDo you watch IPlayer, do you control your heating system from your phone or laptop, can you see security cameras when away from your house?
If the answer is YES then you already have a “Smart home”.

Smart Home technology started with the ability to review security cameras from inside your home and then whilst away.

It wasn’t long before the likes of Spotify, Napster or ITunes gave access to internet music. Some sites are not legal however the ability to access unlimited music tracks at low cost means that you can extend your variety and knowledge.

Now It’s easy to discuss music and when your partners says “Have you heard …..” you simply click a few buttons and play it. In the past it would have been a trip to the local shopping centre.

watch TV over the internet. If you’re a BBC3 fan then you will already know that BBC have stopped transmitting this channel on the traditional methods. Instead they transmit using IPlayer across the internet.

Now you can connect almost anything from security cameras thru to your shower. – Yes there are internet connected showers that let you turn on the shower at your perfect temperature from your smartphone!

Most use is of course for entertainment , either music streaming or internet television. Manufacturers like Bose and SONOS are creating speakers that are fully mobile and waterproof. They can be used outside while having a BBQ as well as inside the house. More and more your lifestyle is relying on a good and fast network so that the Smart Home can operate well.

This means that

  • WiFi has to be reliable in all rooms.
  • WiFi has to be secure especially once you extend your living space into your garden.
  • PC’s need to be up to date and fast.
  • Your music and videos have to be in the correct format.

You need answers to questions like Bose or SONOS? Itunes versus Spotify? How do I access my photos and videos from all devices.

Andisa has solutions to help with all of this.

Our engineers understand how to make a network “sing” and enable your lifestyle.

How we can help?

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