Emails that Outlook thinks look like SPAM or look suspicious get sent to the Junk Folder. Sometimes Outlook can get it wrong. To make sure that Outlook doesn’t get it wrong again in the future you can add emails you want to the Trusted Senders list. This is a list of email addresses that you trust and emails from them will not go to Junk in the future. Be careful and make sure that the addresses you are adding are ones that you 100% trust.


  1. Open outlook and view your Junk Folder
  2. Right click on an email in the Junk folder and a menu appears
  3. On the menu click ‘Junk’, then click ‘Not Junk’
  4. A popup will appear. Make sure the tick box ‘Always trust email from….’ Is ticked and then click ‘OK’.

The email is now added to your trusted senders list.

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