What to Check?

VOIP phone systems can have errors from time to time. There are lots of potential causes so it may take some time for an engineer to find out the cause of the problem. To help speed up this process we have created a quick checklist that you can go through before you call our engineers and then pass them the information.

  1. Can it call Internally or externally?
  2. Can it can receive calls internally or externally?
  3. Check the phone display:
    1. Does it look normal?
    2. Is the Time and date correct?
    3. Do Not Disturb (DND) turned on?
    4. What does the phone icon in top left hand corner show?
      1. Phone down – handset secure on phone
      2. Phone up – handset off the phone
      3. Headphones – Using headset
      4. Speaker – Using speaker.
  4. Are there any lights on the phone? Where are they and are they flashing?
  5. What is the IP address of the phone?

Give us a call

If you can, try to get an answer to as many of these questions before calling as it can help speed up the fix time. Don’t worry if you can’t answer or are struggling with the check list. Still call the Andisa Support Desk on 01423 290029 and we will be happy to help!

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