Student Wifi system

Brind Letting - Sheffield Hallam Uni

Norfolk House is a privately owned, purpose built student accommodation building with bookings managed by Sheffield Hallam University. There is one 23 bed 4 floor main building and an independent 9 bed cottage.

The owners had enhanced wireless by adding more and more broadband lines. However this meant the system was complex to manage, costly to run and multiple WiFi transmitters were causing interference rather than improving signal.

Andisa helped by reducing the number of broadband lines to two but linking the building with Ubiquiti WiFi so that the lines give resilience and allow the bandwidth to be aggregated.

Reduced line count means reduced cost of ownership. In fact the entire upgrade was funded by savings from the first year of operation. Students also experienced an increase in browser speed because the aggregated lines increased the internet bandwidth per person. Previously it was limited to a floor limit, so although there was a large speed capability in the building, it was spread across independent lines and limited within each flat.

The Ubiquiti WI-Fi system has transmitters at each end each floor. This overcomes blind spots and allowing every room could link. Previously rooms further from the main telephone line couldn’t get reliable signal. The Ubqiuiti transmitters communicate via a central web portal to ensure that Students connect to the transmitter closest to them.

Students can now work in the quiet of their own room rather than having to sit in communal areas when trying to concentrate.

The way that Andisa configures Mikrotik routers means that they are more secure and avoids the problem caused by students trying to “hack” the system to commit more bandwidth to them selves. The system automatically shares bandwidth depending on type of usage and demand.

In addition, the new network also meant that a central DVR could be fitted to control Hikvision number plate recognition cameras and door entry cameras, further enhancing security for the whole building.

So in summary we :

  • reduced cost of ownership
  • made it easier for students to study
  • improved network and building security
  • added full network management so that the system is trouble free.

The system is now faster, more reliable, more secure and easier to manage.