Switch to VoIP helps office re development


YRC switched to VoIP to keep the business running during office redevelopment

When YRC decided to redevelop their office block, turning reception into a holiday let, it became clear that the reception would have to be housed in temporary buildings for a few months.

Traditional phone lines were not practical because the lines hung over riders and were dangerous.

Andisa had already fitted a wireless distribution system so that the main network could be accessed from any of the centre building (approximately 3/4 mile across the site). Inside a day the reception portacabin was connected with an additional wireless device, and then the number ported to VoIP.

During the 3 week porting period, we arranged an exchange level divert to a temporary number. The callers still dial the original business number, and when calling out the proper number is still displayed. However it means that the VoIP system could be up and running the same day.

The redevelopment is staged across a 12 month period and the offices will move as each area is completed. The 3CX voip system means that there are no hanging cables, and that the number can be answered from reception, from mobile apps or even from another country – giving the flexibility to keep the centre open even when the office is levelled.