Easy homeworking kept operations working

CLC Finance

CLC Finance have been a long term client for Andisa. This is because we always respond to their needs and deliver a solution that keeps their business on track.

3CX is no exception. When COVID lockdown happened, CLC needed to get all of their managers and admin team working from home. They work in the finance sector and were told that they are key workers – debt needs managing but more importantly when the world is going crazy, everyone needs access to money so they can survive.

With Andisa’s help – CLC switched to softphones and laptops for most of their staff. They have 150 agents, 8 managers and a whole admin team to support operation. If the agents couldn’t speak to the admin staff then loans wouldn’t be processed.

The existing 3CX system proved that it had been a sound investment because it included the flexibility to work from softphone, mobile app or desk phone with no hidden costs.

The challenge was to migrate promptly so that the business could continue and grow even though client communication during the lockdown would be over phones and not face to face.

The solution involved:

  • A VPN so that workers had access to the correct data.
  • A file system security audit to make sure that they stayed GDPR compliant.
  • Laptops, headsets and softphone configuration for all home workers.
  • Supporting users get onto Wi-Fi at home, connect to printers and use the softphones.
  • Shipping high throughput laser printers to users home office and setting up Wi-Fi connection remotely.
  • Private Instagram accounts for each team so they could keep the social rhetoric even though they were separated.
    See our LinkedIn Feed. This step was crucial for a number of businesses to fight the lone worker syndrome.

Inside a week everyone was operational.

Importantly the 3CX system includes comprehensive reporting. Queue stats, call logs and all the compliance information is generated by the phone system and emailed to managers automatically.

The fact that statistics are transparent – everyone can see who was answering calls – made the whole process work even when users were separated.

The reception view on the PC phone app meant it was easy to see if co workers were busy, and to jump into queues if needed.

When shipping out printers, we also sent Mikrotik routers with an automatic VPN client programmed. The user just needed to plug the Mikrotik into their own router with a wire so that we could connect it wirelessly (the home networks are not managed). They then connect it to the printer and the printer is now on a managed private connection even though its connected to a home Wi-Fi.