Our latest project – PCI compliant network for new warehouse with an expanding client.

What have we been doing?

Our main project this week was helping Up and Running build a new warehouse. The real deliverables were:

  • A secure network that would pass PCI audits
  • A reliable internet feed without a massive monthly cost
  • Remote management to avoid unplanned support visits
  • Working along side the construction team to deliver a solution as quickly as possible.

It includes a secure Wi-Fi with guest and staff networks separated by VLAN.

PCI compliance

We are often asked “Why worry about the security on the Wi-Fi system? Surely with all these passwords it’s secure anyway!”

In a retail environment, or indeed anywhere you have card payment machines in use it’s important that you do consider network security. If the network is in-secure the PCI gods will ultimately come along and tell you to turn off your source of income! So designing security into the system from the start is vitally important.

It was no surprise that Up & Running wanted the best out of their new network. So we installed a fully managed Wi-Fi and wired system, together with  a great leased line style internet feed (it has a 48hour maximum fix time from Virgin). We also extended their existing 3CX software phone system by adding extensions so that the can be call between buildings easily and at no cost.

Andisa provided everything from the  internet feed to desk phone.

If you have a card payment machine connected to your network then speak to use to check security!   Contact Us

For the techies

This system has Ubiquiti Unifi Wi-Fi and wired networks with fully managed PoE switch, a Mikrotik router providing full quality of service, ensuring bandwidth is reserved for the 3CX software VoIP system and card machines. The phones are managed by a Raspberry Pi 3CX SBC management module.

For the non techies

This means we can:

  • Turn the phones, WiFi and PCs off without having to visit (remember that old IT adage, “Have you tries turning it on and off yet?”)
  • Change network settings without visiting
  • Get warnings automatically if things stop working so that we can despatch an engineer promptly.

Together this means a reliable system with little need for regular attention – just focus on using it rather than fixing it!