We should have done this ages ago! – our “Awesome Support Manager”

We are excited to announce our “Sup

portdesk Manager” – Callum Morrison.

Callum Morrison

Everyone at Andisa is expected to get involved in supporting clients or working on projects, and so I’m sure most of you will already have met Callum either on

line, over the phone or perh

aps across TeamViewer when he is helping fix your system.

I’m not so sure you will realise that his primary role is “Supportdesk Manager”. He is why we are now responding faster, tracking every issue and keeping to our plan.

When we asked Callum to help our challenges seemed complex, we wanted:

  • A faster response for client requests.
  • To be able to track responses.
  • to be more strategic rather than responsive. We wanted to eradicate problems rather than cover them up.
  • To make the supportdesk into an asset for both ourselves and for our clients.

In summary we simply wanted an “awesome” team who give awesome responses to clients. Click on awesome to find out more about what we mean by this. We have a plan!

Callum’s background is in the adventure industry and when we first asked him he quickly explained that when he takes people on a mountain for a day they come back punching the skies full of adrenaline. In comparison service companies get calls from clients who have a problem to solve. They often engage when they are frustrated – not what a mountain guide wants. How could he convert IT issues into adrenaline rushes? This was quite a statement but made us realise that perhaps he was the right man for the task.

It hasn’t taken Callum long to realise that he can use his skills to generate an adrenaline rush for everyone who calls up.

That is now his mission! “To make every contact with Andisa an awesome and positive adrenaline rush!”








He started by defining what the supportdesk is and what it needs to deliver. He is now presenting weekly stats showing the quality of responses and the trends throughout a month.
Its clear that service is improving all the time. We get regular comments, thankyou’s and even “hi fives” from clients.

So this is just a big thankyou to our latest member and who is making an awesome difference.

Thank you Callum.

He needs help though. Very soon he will be contacting clients to get feedback so if you have ideas about how we can improve, let him know. Don’t be shy.

In fact why wait –   Contact Us