Student Internet

We’ve just upgraded the internet service for a Sheffield student flats.

The landlord was going to upgrade the broadband because the students reported slow internet and their inability to work.

When we did a survey, there was no sharing set up on the router. This meant that game players were using all of the bandwidth at the cost of real education.

The answer was to install Unifi Wi-Fi and a MikroTik router on the line. The Unifi extended the Wi-Fi so every room could connect. The MikroTik shares the bandwidth evenly and stops gamers from blocking every one else. The gamers still get a reasonable service.

We also locked the system down so that the network savvy students couldn’t hack the system.

The outcome was a reliable service to the students and a one off low cost for the land lord rather than a permanent monthly cost.

Have a look at our MikroTik Routerboard and Wireless pages for full info.