Wireless Networks

Ubiquiti Unified Wi-Fi systems perfect for home, busieness and as a shared access point

Ubiquiti Unified Wi-Fi systems are a range of access points linked to a Web portal for management.
The statistics that are measured help show how many devices are connected and how much bandwidth is being used. We can use this information to avoid bottlenecks, meaning that your problems are solved.

Why choose them?

  • Our engineers will say that the Ubqiuiti systems are properly managed and just solve wireless problems.
  • Our customers all ask why we didn’t tell them sooner!
  • Antenna design. The devices have better antennas than most competitors. This means their range is greater.
    They also have an LR (or Long Range) version with an improved amplifier. We use this when walls are thicker or when we want to cover long corridors etc.

Web Portal

Wireless networks unifi-network-mapWhen installing, the portal allows us work out where to install devices. We can upload a map of the building and then check that devices are located to give best coverage. Afterwards it lets us check that devices are working to their best ability.

Offices and Businesses

In a business environment its easy to set up guest, staff and business WIFI’s all running on the same access point. Each Wi-Fi can have operate on a separate schedule so for instance you can have a staff Wi-Fi enabled at lunch time, a guest

Wi-Fi enabled during office hours and a Business WI-FI enabled 24 hours a day.
We can configure the speed to change automatically based on the passwords you provide, so users who just need to access email could have a lower speed while users who access large files can have more speed.

Security is paramount. We can integrate with your PC passwords so that the Wi-Fi can only be connected to by proper users. – No more Wi-Fi attacks.
We can use the time windows to avoid risk. By enabling Wi-Fi when it should be used and leaving it off for the rest of the time you are less exposed.

Shared Accommodation.

In locations like hotels or student accommodation people are normally using the internet to pass time by watching videos. However the servers that stream videos are designed to detect the maximum speed available to a computer and then use it all.

This means that without bandwidth control, the first person to click play will hog all of the bandwidth at the frustration of your other customers.
Our systems have a web management site where you can easily change the amount of bandwidth available or change the time when individuals / groups can access the internet.

This means that each person gets a fair share of the bandwidth available. Video players will still work and more importantly everyone will be able to work!
Happier customers will mean longer lets and more return customers.

Caravan Sites

We also provide waterproof Access points that mean you can have evenly shared reliable and secure WiFi on fields, across festival sites or any wide area.
By hiding the WiFi name we can restrict access to the important organisers so that video events can have reliable bandwidth without interference from customers phones etc.

Home Users

The issue with homes compared to an office is that they are complex shapes. An office will normally be rectangular but a house will have many internal walls. This reduces the Wi-Fi signal and then leads to unreliability on the connection.

A common fix is to install Wi-Fi repeaters so the signal reaches all areas, however Wi-Fi cant talk and listen at the same time. This means that a repeater listens for half its life and talks the rest, effectively halving the speed by sharing the air time. This is called “Time Division Multiplex”.

Similarly as you connect more devices the system slows down because each device has to share the air time.

The real solution is to add extra access points not repeaters. Access points each have a wire back to the router and this means they only listen to the clients and don’t have to repeat the information to each other. The Wi-Fi is then faster. The Unified access points do talk to each other to negotiate which channel they should use. That way they avoid conflicts that would corrupt the signal. Each adjacent access point chooses a different channel.

Hosted Server Uptime


SINCE 27/05/2017, LAST UPDATED 24/01/2018

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What Our Customers Say

  • Interbuilding link using a pair of Mikrotik SXT.

    Thanks for helping configure the Mikrotiks recently.
    The on site install was simple, we just bolted them on the wall and the link connected.
    I hadn’t expected to get full 100Mb/s through the link but the devices are working fast.
    Thanks again for the help, Michael – Diamond ICT, Newcastle.

  • I’d just like to thank Andisa for not giving up on the problem that we were experiencing with our Sage programme.
    You were able to speak to the technical department at Sage and give them the detailed information which enabled him to resolve many of the problems that we had been experiencing.
    As ever you were courteous and efficient and ensured that we understood what had been done before he left.

    Debbi Bairstow
  • Thanks for all the help since we on boarded with Andisa.
    Your approach means that we understand what’s going on and that we can trust the management of our IT by you guys.
    We can truly focus on servicing our own clients.
    It’s great to be able to trust the IT in the office, thanks for a great job.

  • Just a quick thank you for all the work you and your team have done for us this year.

    With the company changes etc, the aim was to get the IT system being integral to our new working methods and a tidy up of the system so we have better control of our assets. This was not achievable without your help, and looking back at what we set out to achieve I think you have ticked all the boxes.

    Process Combustion
  • Just a quick note to thank you very much in seeing me straight away this morning and for solving the issues with my I-pad.

    As you are aware, the I-pad technology has gone way beyond me at present. Hopefully I will catch up a bit when I have some spare time!!!!

    However MANY THANKS

    Mike Hammond