One of the things we get asked about a lot is how to add programs to the bar at the bottom of the screen. Users often want to be able to have a program permanently tagged on the bottom bar (taskbar) so that they can easily open the program without having to search for it.

We find this most useful with programs such as Outlook, Chrome, Edge, Word, Excel and our 3CX Phone System. IT allows us to stay productive and waste less time. We never send out a computer to a client without having these items set.

It’s a pretty easy process to add something to your task bar. Watch the video and have a read through our steps below:

How to Add a program to the taskbar

  1. Click start button at the bottom left of the task bar
  2. Click All Apps and find the program that you are wanting to add to the task bar
  3. Right click on it so that a menu appears, on the menu click ‘more’
  4. Select ‘Pin to taskbar’


How to remove a program to the taskbar

  1. Right click on the icon on the task bar
  2. Select ‘Unpin from taskbar’.
  3. The Icon will now be unpinned – Note that if the program is open it will still show on the taskbar until the program is closed.


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