New business centre phone system with 3CX Pro Edition and Ubiquiti WiFi

We have just installed a 100 user phone system for Harrogate Business Centre. It was an interesting project. One phone system that affects 50 different businesses. Each company had subtly different requirements from the phone system.

  • Some wanted the App on their PCs so that could dial easily.
  • Some wanted to use queues to manage inbound calls.
  • Some wanted reception to filter all calls. Some wanted direct access.

The business centre wanted to preserve their value offerings of receptionist service, centralised billing and messaging service whilst taking advantage of latest technology.

In response to the requests we installed a 3CX Pro phone system and used our own “Cloudcalling” SIP trunk system.  VoIP Cloud Calling

The outcome was:

  • The 3CX call billing option allows the business centre to receive a billing report each month.
  • The Desktop app lets businesses easily see who is calling inbound and manage time on line for call centre style use.
  • The IOS and Android App lets businesses use the value added services from the centre even when they are away from the building – something that just wasn’t possible before.

At the same time we installed a Ubiquiti Wi-Fi system configured with radius enterprise authentication. Wireless Networks

Wireless technology has no handshaking and so it has to wait before “speaking” to make sure that no other Wi-Fi is speaking at the same time.

This waiting wastes valuable transmission time. If you have to 4 Wi-Fi’s on the same frequency you waste 95% of transmission time. That equates quite simply to a Wi-Fi running at 5% of the maximum possible speed.
By setting up with one SSID and using enterprise security you get a secure Wi-Fi where users from differing departments, or in this case businesses, can truly roam around the building while remaining totally secure. In this case, people with a server in their business centre suite can now access it from the meeting room or corridor, whilst other businesses connected to the same Wi-Fi cannot.

A very flexible solution.