Beating virus with a VPN

ProProcess Combustion Ltd are needing to send an engineer to China and know that when the engineer returns he will have to spend 2 weeks in quarantine. That means that although he will most likeley be well, he cant visit the office and wont be able to support his recently installed project.

Process are professional project engineers and always plan forward so it was no surprise when they asked us if there is a solution that will mean the engineer can work remotely.

We quickly extended their network by adding a Ubquiti USG-4-PRO security gateway and configured Windows active directory authentication on the router. Now they have a secure and quick VPN that is easily managed using the normal tool used for setting users up. With a single click they can enable VPN, meaning that the engineer can keep working throughout his quarantine period!

The network at Process is now fully managed by Ubquiti devices. This includes security cameras, switches, Wireless and switches. Everything can be managed and monitored from a single cloudkey device that also records the images from the security cameras. One portal for the whole network. This makes it easy for Process to manage their own security and for Andisa to step up and help when they want more advanced configuration changing.