Server 2022 migration 3 times in a month

We have just completed adding a replacement server for one of our clients on Hornbeam park in Harrogate. Very cool project and once again proving that we can visit at some point to deliver then hardware and then configure virtual machines remotely.

We have software that copies files to the new server and then let’s us resend just the differences so that the conversion day is smooth.
We then transfer all the other services such as file shares, printing, PC drive maps using a library of scripts.

We started this job at 5pm on Friday (having previously delivered the hardware). 10am Saturday the client was logged on via a VPN.
7am Monday all the employees were on board and the system working.

Just 1 phone call today and that was about a broken printer! and not a migration issues at all.

It was the third migration we have done in a month and none of them had any post migration issues!

Well done to our team for creating brilliant scripts and procedures.