Integrated door entry and booking system to keep Harlow Squash Club accessible during COVID restrictions

Andisa installing Ubiquiti and Mikrotik network to support Globus Data sports booking system

Andisa have just been awarded the contract to set up a unique system that allows members to use key cards to access the building.

The same keycards will be used to enter the courts and start games. Ultimately at the end of the game period the lights will automatically go off, prompting for the game to end or the players to rebook.

Harlow Squash Club have successfully obtained a grant to cover most of the work and we are working alongside LK Electrical who are doing the network wiring and Globus Data who are providing the booking system.

Andisa re providing a state of the art Wi-Fi Network, providing control PC’s , touchscreen wall board PC’s and a Mikrotik secure network so that players, bar users and the equipment can all sit along side each other securely and reliably.

What will all this mean?

  • Less need for contact – previously they needed a booking secretary to be present
  • Easier rebooking and no conflicts because the system wont let players stay on if the next player has entered the building, but will if they are late.
  • More availability of the courts.
  • Reliable Wi-Fi even when lost of people attend function.

We are really grateful for a local club with national players to support local and regional suppliers! Well done.