6000 lines of Mikrotik code helps protect wind farm network

Andisa has just configured a Mikrotik Cloudcore router with 6000 lines of code to help 400 customers connect to a hosting centre network in Scotland that amongst other things monitors and controls windfarms across the region.

The system uses PPoE authentication to grant access and dedicated static IP addresses to over 400 clients. It had to be right first time and that’s why the client asked Andisa to help.

We asked the client to connect the brand new router to his office network so that we could connect over TeamViewer and build the configuration. We involved the client as much as possible. It took half a day to discuss and build the configuration including exporting the existing PPoE credentials from the old router.

One of our engineers then helped remotely as the client installed the new router in their hosting centre and swapped the connections across. It was clear immediately that the configuration was working properly. Within 5 minutes all 400 clients had reconnected through the new router!

I can’t say how proud I am to have created this amount of working code flawlessly. The client was extremely happy and thanked us for our attention to detail that meant his own clients had a smooth transition.

  • The router connects multiple leased lines and connections fail across automatically if one fails.
  • The PPoE profiles are used to set dedicated bandwidth for each client, meaning that its easy for our customer to add new clients and charge for the bandwidth needed.
  • By adding Mikrotiks bridged VLAN configuration, the system now has a secure management network, a separate monitoring network and a client facing network. The additional security and simplified monitoring pays dividends when diagnosing issues on the network.