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One platform - Total Security

Accommodate all your cybersecurity needs under one convenient roof with the Heimdal® Unified Dashboard. Our cybersecurity solutions can be used as standalone products or integrated into one another as part of a cohesive and unified suite.


Achieve true prevention against advanced cyber-threats with our proactive cybersecurity solutions that filter DNS traffic and mitigate vulnerabilities.

Threat Prevention – Endpoint

Predictive Endpoint DNS Security

Combining machine learning and AI-based threat prevention with precise intel, our trailblazing DNS filtering solution proactively protects your endpoints with stunning accuracy. Take your enterprise defenses one step further and surpass the boundaries of standard malware detection with Heimdal® Threat Prevention – Endpoint.

Threat Prevention – Network

Network Perimeter DNS Security

Our Heimdal® Threat Prevention – Network module allows you to confidently secure all connected devices and achieve true BYOD governance through unique threat hunting and granular visibility over your entire network. Unleash comprehensive threat hunting capabilities with a Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) that operates directly on company servers.

Patch & Asset Management

Automated Vulnerability Management

Automate your vulnerability management with Heimdal® Patch & Asset Management, our groundbreaking solution that patches any Microsoft, 3rd party, and proprietary software for you. Deploy updates on the fly from anywhere in the world and according to any schedule, and

Detect & Respond

Integrate ample detection and response capabilities onto your endpoints with our next-generation antivirus and ransomware prevention cybersecurity solutions.

Next-Gen Endpoint Antivirus with MDM and Firewall

Get impeccable endpoint detection and response (EDR) with Heimdal® Next-Gen Antivirus and MDM, which unifies multiple layers of security under one highly reactive roof. Protect your enterprise against sophisticated online threats such as ransomware, brute-force attacks, rootkits, and hidden backdoors with one convenient solution.

Anti-Ransomware Encryption Solution

Defend your endpoints against encryption attempts triggered by ransomware attacks with Heimdal® Ransomware Encryption Protection, a revolutionary and 100% signature-free solution that is universally compatible with any Antivirus, including our own. Why wait and mitigate, when you can prevent and protect instead? Attain proactive security against ransomware encryption today.


Gain ease of mind by preparing your enterprise for the future of access governance and obtaining compliance with NIST standards at the same time.

Privileged Access Management

User Rights Administration Made Easy

Build a truly optimized line of defense against insider threats and privilege compromise with the only PAM solution on the market that provides automatic de-escalation of user rights upon threat detection. Implement the principles of least privilege and zero-trust execution with Heimdal® Privileged Access Management, your go-to place for escalation request administration.

Application Control

Effortless Application Management

Create comprehensive white and blacklists for the applications that are executed within your enterprise system. With Heimdal® Application Control, you can effortlessly prevent users from running malicious software, while at the same time being able to customize live sessions and log everything on the go. Directly control sessions or sit back and let our module work its magic.


Cover all your bases and defend your company’s digital communications with our email protection suite that pairs content and attachment scanning with human expertise.

Email Security

Communications Protection Solution

Our email protection solution runs both in the cloud and on-premises, mixing a proprietary threat prevention engine with Office 365 support to protect your digital communications against malspam, infected attachments, and other dangers. Protect your enterprise against a wide array of email-based threats with Heimdal® Email Security.

Email Fraud Prevention

Protection from BEC and Fraud Attempts

Operating on 125 vectors of analysis paired with human expertise, Heimdal® Email Fraud Prevention allows you to identify and block business email compromise, CEO fraud, phishing, and advanced malware. Our solution combines automated scanning with live threat intelligence to stop email-based attacks before they damage your business.


Connect with your employees and customers anywhere in the world with our dedicated tool that makes remote support seamless and simple.

Remote Desktop

Support Users Anywhere in the World

Our remote access and support solution allows you to connect with your employees and customers across various devices without any difficulty. Fully compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android. Heimdal® Remote Desktop Secure comes with stunning visuals and stable session quality. Compliant and ready-to-use, it is the finishing touch to add to complete your suite of cybersecurity solutions.

One Unified Dashboard for All Heimdal® Cybersecurity Solutions

Discover the award-winning solutions from Heimdal® Security for proactive protection with a market-leading detection rate, unified in one fully compliant cybersecurity suite. Prevent, detect, and respond to any threat painlessly, while at the same time defending your avenues of digital communications against outside threats.

Mitigate threats on the inside and achieve compliance with international standards in the process by managing privileges and applications, as well as offer your employees and customers support when they require it, all in one place. The Heimdal® Unified Dashboard makes cybersecurity simple with an accessible interface and stunning reports that are easy to read and use.


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What Our Customers Say

  • We spent the last few days desperately installing generators for our clients in Scotland - trying to get ready for the XMAS period amongst strikes and power cuts.
    If only you provided generators, then power would be as reliable as the network you set up for us. That never goes wrong - if a line fails the system automatically connects to the spare line and our customers keep running! Well done.
    You made a real difference to our business, because you stopped us getting a massive surge of calls each time there was a line fault.

    Dave Short
  • Hi,

    Hope your week is going well so far.

    We are just about caught up from Friday 😊 I wanted to drop a message to say thank you for jumping on this so quickly last week.

    Your care and attention was greatly appreciated and you certainly made me feel calmer.

    Kind regards, HAYLEY

    Hayley -
  • "My company just couldn't cope without you guys, everything is so simple with you around. In fact it seems beyond other suppliers to set up a network so its reliable".

    When we asked why the client simply said "because I just want it to work and you guys are the only people who have been able to get us to that state".

    Robin -
  • Andisa have just completed a design and build project to give us a new network capable of expanding to man racks so that we can expand our streaming monitoring business.

    All I can say about the router they sent us is: it was the smoothest transition I've ever had!

    I have been involved in many upgrades over the years but this build and swap out was faultless. Andisa visited for twice. Once to audit / research and once to install the new kit. They agreed the outcomes at the start of the project, reviewed each day and ultimately delivered exactly what they promised. And as I said, it was the smoothest transition I have ever had!

    Ryan Fife -
  • Hi, I just wanted to say a big thankyou to the Andisa team.
    From the moment we told you we were moving office Andisa just helped. Every question got right to the issue and it all meant that the move itself was smooth.

    Once we were moved, Paolo and Tim went round every desk and checked with our team to make sure they were fully operational. Phones, PC's Wifi, Laptops and printers were all 100%. Even the photocopier and franking machine was back on line.

    We cant thank you guys enough.

    Pippa Fisher -