How much do you spend on a headset?

Headset review

Do you wish that your phone system had better audio quality? At Andisa we use softphones and headsets extensively. However as we switched across some clients commented about the audio quality. It turned out to be the headsets we had installed.

We upgraded and decided to review the headsets.

Have a look at the Sennheiser range of PC phone headsets. Now compare against the Yanmay Bluetooth PC headset from Amazon.

They are very similar. The less heavy Sennheiser is on the right.

they are both a similar size, both quote long talk time and both come with a small desktop charger.

The Yanmay is £80 and the Sennheiser is £170. The Yanmay connects Bluetooth and the Sennheiser connects using a proprietary wireless signal to its base, and then via USB to the PC.

So £90 more for the Sennheiser but what a difference. It was so much clearer. In comparison the Yanmay felt like it had a low sampling rate and was clearly digital. If the listener had a hearing aid then the click drowned out audio.

It was a no brainer. Customers noticed the audio quality difference!

Do if you want quality I guess the answer is that you need to pay. However in this case, the Sennheiser comes with spares for the ear pads, has an option to clip on to your ear rather than use the head band and more spares are available on line!