Welcome to one of our latest clients – Bennett Renault Leeds

Bennett Renault contacted us because they had a challenge connecting Wi-Fi  on their premises.

They needed:

  • Brilliant Wi-Fi for clients so they can “Work and Wait” whilst having a rapid service.
  • Coverage throughout the service bays so that the diagnostic system can link back to Renaults HQ.
  • External coverage to enable tablet usage during sales / demos.

Of course this is all second nature to Andisa and we quickly set up an Unifi web managed system that integrated to their existing leased lines and security system. In fact beginning to end took only a week from survey.
Now clients have a reliable system, the service manager has faith in the connection and 2022 is set to be a great year.

Visit our Wi-Fi page for more details. Wireless Networks

Thankyou to Robert and his staff for the opportunity!