Dispel the myth about MACs & virus protection – You do need it!

Every one knows that Apple products can’t get viruses, but is this a fact!

Once you have a MAC you wont turn back. Everyone loves them. Cool smooth edges, fast OS and trouble free!

That’s all true however we have seen an increase in virus and malware attacks on Macs recently.

Mostly it is caused by bit of malware – software that badly configures your machine.

Today’s case was an app claiming to protect from viruses by “watching for Malware or File changes and by protecting the network”.

In truth it had actually created a secret VPN and was routing all of the traffic via an unknown server and causing adverts to pop up.
This meant the author could monitor the users web browsing and also cause slowness. To the user it seemed as if WiFi was slow or unresponsive.

The great news is that our Cloudcare Antivirus product works on Apple Mac computers and spotted this malware! It costs just £28 per year!

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