365 migration – it’s all in the planning

How important is 365 to you?

Do you realise how much you rely on tools like Microsoft 365, AutoCAD or similar?

Some people would deem 365 as a tactical tool because it is so common in the work place, but I am going to call it a strategic tool because it is so important.

If you add in to the mix the abilities from the power tools such as powerBI & AI or just the full capabilities of Teams then you will soon see what a difference the toolset can make to you.

365 is such a freely accessible tool and people often start off by buying licenses and telling their staff to get on and install it. Our experience is that these projects don’t deliver the full benefits of 365 and probably just install latest software without any real productivity benefits.

Our own process involves 5 things that make sure you get the most benefit:

  • Define the benefits: Making sure you understand what it is that you are trying to gain from the move and then making sure the project delivers.
  • Skills check: Ensuring that your team have the skills to setup and use the software. If they do then you will get the outcome you want. If they don’t then you will need help to configure some of the advanced items.
  • Technical check: Keeping the system working flat out after the conversion by checking that the PCs are up to the job and that your network and internet speed wont stop 365 from operating properly.
  • Project Planning: Measuring that the outcome is what you want and ensuring the process is smooth and simple.

With all of these in place a 365 migration will go smoothly and quickly.

Do you need help:

We can help you if you are one of the following:

  • a larger company with your own in house IT skills, but still don’t seem to make progress either because of lack of resource or confidence.
  • a smaller company that just need to keep working while the migration happens.

Our process will ensure you get the best outcome and deliver the project quickly without pain.

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