In the Samsung Mail app, the default view is to only see emails from the past 3 days. Often users want to see emails older than this. There is a simple setting that needs changing to allow this. Please follow the steps below:

  • Open Mail app
  • In the top left there is a menu symbol (3 lines in a row). Click this to being up the menu.
  • On the top right of the menu there is the Settings symbol (a cog). Click this to open settings.
  • You should now see a page titled ‘Email Settings’. At the top should be ‘Accounts’ – select your email account.
  • On this next page, scroll down to the option called ‘Email Sync Period’. Click this and then select ‘All Time’.
  • Keep pressing the back button in the top left until you get back to your Inbox screen.
  • Give it 5 mins and your older email should now appear.


in Microsoft Office & 365