Real savings and a project on track for success

Our consultant Paolo Medori  messaged the office today  as follows:

“Just had a brilliant meeting at the clients! The software company is providing all the changes FoC simply. It’s saved our client £10K already!

Well done Paolo. He did this by using our combined project managing skills, knowledge of software and network development processes and Paolo’s ability to explain something that all audiences can understand.

This particular project didn’t have a detailed specification or requirements capture stage and this lead to teh client not really knowing what they had bought. It also meant that the supplier was unsure.

It took just three meetings and a good set of minutes for us to get the project back on track, for both the client and the developers to be happy again! Well done Paolo.


Now the project has a plan and timescale. It is accountable and our client is saying they would be a year further on if only they had asked us to get involved sooner.