Video security to improve delivery reliability and reduce reception overhead

When Lockdown3 was announced, No1 Cardale Park understood that they needed to find a way to reduce the need for a receptionist whilst still ensuring deliveries are safe and secure. They had already implemented an automated visitor system that allows people to print their own name label and then track around the building.

Brittany Chadwick “Business Centre Administrator” explains that she already recognised that the reception role at No1 Cardale Park could be automated. The business centre has a philosophy to use technology for simplifying routine tasks. With this challenge Brittany needed to find a solution for monitoring deliveries and avoiding mistakes in a busy pickup and meeting zone.

Andisa suggested fitting a network video security system filming the entrance way. The doors, already controlled by a Paxton access system, could then be programmed on a timer to allow easy access during the day. This meant that the main local couriers had contactless access but deliveries can be viewed and monitored easily by staff. The cameras record to a network NVR and so teh centres staff can monitor the reception area even when away from their desks – freeing up resource.

The recording discourages accidental mis-recording of deliveries by couriers and improves reliability. As a secondary feature, the centre staff can now see when visitors arrive without having to man the foyer – again freeing up resource.

The video system uses IP cameras and connects to existing cables for most of the system, keeping installation costs to a minimum.

In fact only one long run was needed! There is an app that gives admin access from a mobile phone when away from the office and a PC screen when on site.
The NVR system has a feature to set up users with differing privileges so it’s also possible to give access to tenants so that they can check the reception area from their own suites if they are waiting for an important visitor and want to meet and greet.






  • Improve delivery management
  • Reduce contact during lockdown
  • Keep the the supply chain working
  • Free up resource