Laptop donations for school kids

Do you have a laptop that is under 5 years old? – School students need them.

And would you be prepared to let a Harrogate school student have it to get through home schooling?

There is a new demand because school kids are having to stay at home and receive home schooling. Even in this modern age, many families are struggling to access enough devices so that 2 or 3 children can study at home.

This is even more of a problem for families of teachers, who are suddenly having to balance access to teacher systems for the parent  with access to lessons for kids!

Although probably a short term problem, with the inevitable return to school being weeks or months away, its still a big problem right now.

Andisa is happy to refresh any laptops that are donated by wiping them completely, reinstalling Windows 10 (providing they already have a Windows 7 or above license) and then installing Microsoft 365 ready for a school login. We will then help sort out antivirus protection too.

Get in touch if you have something that may work or if you think you can help!

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