Joint Andisa – Rotary – Microsoft IT project

andisa it nepal project

We had a meeting in Kathmandu yesterday with the Microsoft Innovation Centre Director and committed to installing 250 computers in a new valley called Andhi Khola Valley.
Microsoft are funding software and hardware. Rotary and Andisa are helping with training and funding running costs for 3 years.
Spot the rusty sign on the Andhi Khola bridge.
The new project is called “Andhi Khola ICT project”
We followed on to have a meeting with the Heads of all 12 schools in the valley. They were very excited.


The partnership means that the valley will benefit from Rotary’s series of projects in the area.
Microsoft will work with Andisa to improve internet connectivity in an area where the fastest connection is less than 1Mb/s at the moment!
I’m proud to say that Andisa are genuinely leading the world on this project!