Instruments to Nepal

When we ran the Kids Aloud 2019 project to bring students across from Nepal to perform alongside hundreds of Yorkshire school children we realised that there was a real shortfall of western musical instruments available in their country.

Sumit Pokhrel is the Nepalese music teacher who visited with the students. He also runs the “MusicArt Society” charity in Nepal. He explained why the instruments are needed and the project was created. In summary Nepal doesn’t have access to what we would term “normal” instruments. They have plenty of Indian or Tibetan instruments but have difficulty getting Cellos etc. Sumit is giving a whole musical experience and therapy to students who dont have access to the resources because they dont have enough money.

Our project involves collecting Musical instruments from people in the UK who have stopped using them, and then transporting them to Nepal where they are used by the local charity.

In the recent round of collection, we successfully applied to the Ronnie Scot Foundation who actually run the instrument amnesty. The collection included the white  that was given by the famous singer and song writer Sam Smith. See the attached article by Harrogate advertiser

Andisa will also be raising £4000 over the coming months so that the instruments can be sent in a container from Bradford across to Nepal.

 If people can help by donating instruments then please call 01423 900572.


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